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Therapy for Adults

Are you struggling with breaking patterns that no longer serve you? Perhaps you feel stuck in habits and relationships that aren't supporting your growth. Work with me to uncover how to best move forward the way you want. My goal is to uplift clients as experts in their own lives and conductors of their own healing. I aim to be gentle, celebratory and non-judgmental while making space to explore and challenge harmful beliefs and patterns. 

Therapy for Teens

Are you feeling overwhelmed with growing responsibilities and expectations from parents, teachers, coaches and friends? Perhaps you are finding it difficult to feel content and you notice yourself becoming anxious more often. The teenage years are one of the most uniquely challenging periods in life and it can be difficult to find the support you need to navigate them. I specialize in supporting teens with developing healthier coping skills and improving communication with parents.

Therapy for Families

Are you a parent who is struggling to connect with your teen? Perhaps you are concerned that your child seems more anxious or depressed and is not behaving like their usual self? You are not alone in finding it hard to maintain closeness and high levels of communication throughout the teenage years. This is a uniquely challenging time in life, for both children and parents, that can create strain on the entire family. 

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